And finally, here comes the electricity!

Once upon a time, the electric meters and switches on the near left wall were a totally whackadoodle mish-mash of various wires going hither and thither, without any actual logic of any kind. I wish I'd kept the photo I took probably like a year ago -- perhaps I'll go in tomorrow to provide a real contrast.  Anyway. Oh and the meters! They were... the meters. But all of them were labeled such that all the meters are located in the restaurant space (covered by a pair of shoddy, barely-hanging-together doors), and the upstairs tenants had zero access. So: hold on to your hat!  Wait 'til you see The Various Spanking-New Electric Oddly Organized Boxes... OUTSIDE!!!

Looking at it from this perspective, isn't it sort of beautiful?:

...until you get here:


Oh, wait -- that's what The Metzlers are for! They'll get to it... I promise.