Multi-grain honey pie

While the dough on this one did not meet my expectations -- the multi-grain blend I used was too low on the white and too heavy on the wheat -- but the composition was tasty. I took a tip from Tony (Gemignani, friend and mentor) and caramelized the onions before frying them in the beer batter. Things are always better when fried, don't you think?

This time, I used mozzarella as the base and added thinly sliced mini sweet red and orange peppers, thinly sliced Serrano chili peppers (next time I'll leave the seeds -- the pie needed more heat), and then topped the pie with crispy fried onions and a good drizzle of honey:

Next step: play around with flour ratios to get the right consistency for my next multi-grain experiment. But you gotta appreciate the beauty in this one, right?!