Pizza at home

We are now in our long-anticipated home -- we moved in about 8 weeks ago -- which means there is also the brand new stove that can finally support my pizza-making. So now I've been practicing, and here are some results:

This one is a multi-grain dough, including white, wheat, rye, and a little bit of cornmeal. The toppings are sliced yukon gold potatoes, braised balsamic onions, spicy garlic wilted greens, a little extra-sharp cheddar, and a little ricotta on top.

Henry (my son) asked for pepperoni pizza, so this is what I made for him:

Tee hee.

Why do kids always want pepperoni? Mystery. 

This one is a straight-up pepperoni pizza, made New York style. New York style means the sauce goes on the pie first, followed by the cheese. (This must be authentic, unless it's done right -- I learned this from Tony Gemignani, my teacher/mentor/friend.)